Decavit Plus Multivitamin Tablets X 30

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Take One tablet every day. One Decavit Plus tablet contains a comprehensive formula of vitamins and the trace element Iodine to complement your daily diet.

The advantages of taking a balanced combination of vitamins and the trace element iodine are well known. It can serve as an ideal food supplement in many situations, For example in times of stress, at an advanced age, in case of physical activity or in an unbalanced diet situation. Women with infertility problems, pregnant and lactating women often need a supplement of vitamins and minerals. In order to prevent infantile neural tube defects, scientific associations recommend supplementing 400 mcg of folic acid per day (at least four weeks before a pregnancy begins).

Since iodine is also essential for the healthy development of a child and the supply through the regular diet is usually insufficient, pregnant and lactating women are also recommended to take additional iodine (100- 150 mcg per day).